1.Paying for a course with The London School of Styling does not automatically guarantee you to graduate. You need to follow the academic programme and complete every module set by the Educational Director. Regular attendance is also expected.


2. A student is only accepted on to the course they are invited to in writing by the School; courses places are non-transferable.


3. Students are offered industry related internships and at times, industry paid opportunities. Students must behave in a professional manner during these opportunities provided to them by the School. If regular negative feedback is received, it can jeopardise the student's place on the course.


4. Some students are eligible to pay via instalments. If a student is unable to keep up with the agreed payment plan, or a request for payment then the student can be asked to leave the course without any refund.


5. Students are asked to behave  respectfully at all times towards other students on the course and if a student behaves in an aggressive or unsatisfactory way to other students and a complaint is raised against them then, and proven, the student will be asked to leave the course without any refund.


6. The London School of Styling does not provide a visa for their students to study in the UK. The student must already hold the correct visa.


7. If a student is asked to leave the course, a verbal or written warning will be given. After that if another/different issue is raised against the student's behaviour or suitability to study on the course, a termination letter will be issued. The student will not be entitled to any refund.


8. Deposits and course fees are non-refundable if a student decides not to continue the course.